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Silvercrest Team

Kevin Matossian - CEO
Paul Payne - CFO
Lars Persson - Partner
Kyle Cummins - VP Development
Criag Ayers - VP Production
Jeff Cummins - Executive Assistant

Ralph Winter - Producer
John J. Kelly - Producer
James Becket - Producer/Writer
Don Q. Hannah - Producer
Ron Herbrand Producer/Writer

Ralph Williams - Finance
Kari Laento - Finance
About Us

SilverCrest Entertainment, LLC was established in early 2002 and is dedicated to producing high quality feature films and television programming.

SilverCrest Entertainment, LLC is part of the ever growing entertainment industry. Domestic revenues in the film industry were $12.2 billion in 2007 and projected at $14 billion in 2008. Box office spending rose 13.2% last year and theatre admissions were up 10.2%. American films still dominate the film market across the globe and there has been a steady increase in the number of independent movies that have succeeded financially. For example: The Full Monty, made in England, cost $3.5 million and grossed over $256 million — My Big Fat Greek Wedding, made in the U.S., cost $5 million and has grossed over $353 million to date.

Independent filmmakers have the advantage over the large studios of being able to keep costs down and being more flexible to respond to market needs. Over 64% of the theatrical films produced in the U.S. in 2007 were actually made by independent filmmakers. The AP reported that the number of feature films produced by the major studios decreased 10% from 2005 to 2007 while the number of independently produced movies grew by over 16%.

It is not SilverCrest's intention to compete with large studios, but rather, fill a niche that has been left open to independent film producers to provide the market with low to medium budget films that have both national and international appeal.

The entertainment industry is a "People Business." Knowing this, SilverCrest Entertainment has focused heavily on forming relationships with key personnel in the entertainment industry and strategic alliances with foreign and domestic distributors. SilverCrest's production team is comprised of experienced industry professionals including Academy Award winners.

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